Have you ever read a book or watched a movie that you had an unexpected connection with? I recently found myself connected with a movie I was watching late one night. To set the scene, it was a battlefield. There was a lot of death and devastation, along with fear.

The mighty army was prepared to finish the battle. However, the weak warriors, left standing one by one, reached for their suits of armor and their weapons of choice.

Armor and Passion

As I watched those brave soldiers, I found myself thinking of the brave CNAs putting on their armor (PPE) and considering their choice of weapons—only a gait belt and a walkie-talkie. These CNAs march to the frontline to protect their kings and queens.

The enemy had the upper hand against the warriors. No one could sound an alarm or map out the direction of the path the deadly virus would travel. The enemy was invisible. It came and took its victims, while the warriors felt each other’s sorrow as their kings and queens fell.

Battle On

The enemy is still among us, the battlefield is still active, and we still wear our armor as we march on the frontline. Some warriors have left the battle due to trauma, fear, and the inability to carry on.

Others we say their names for giving the ultimate sacrifice.

The movie ended with the warrior’s being defeated. However, their legacy lives on and so will ours, for our kings and queens.