Everyone loves recognition and praise for a job well done. We CNAs know this doesn’t always happen in our line of work. Why wait until our supervisors give us praise? Let’s praise each other! Peer praise is important to help build your team and help everyone work together.

You work alongside your co-workers daily. You struggle together and make an impact on people’s lives. You see when they take the time to offer an extra smile. You see when they handle difficult situations with composure. You see when they perform post-mortem care with respect and love. Let’s tell each other that these actions did not go unnoticed. Maybe a “You did a good job back there” or “Thank you, we make a good team”.

We need to lift each other up. It means a lot to me when I get a compliment from another CNA because they know how hard the job is. New CNAs really need to get their recognition when they put in an extra effort. They need that boost of confidence.

When I first became a CNA, I was lucky to be trained by an experienced career CNA. She pointed out my mistakes so I would know what to correct; not always fun to hear. She also took the time to tell me when I was doing a good job. When I heard this, it made me work even harder and want to learn more.

Peer praise made me a more confident CNA. Another important part of giving recognition is to not only tell each other but also tell supervisors and administration. When you see your DON or administrator, let them know about a CNA that stands out. These supervisors don’t get to see what CNAs see in each other. We see each other’s kind acts or exceptional jobs.

So, let’s lift each other and recognize the CNAs around us. We never know if our words are the only praise they get. From one CNA to another, “Thank-you for the hard work and dedication you put into your work every day!”