by Latoria Badgett, NAHCA Contributor

We can improve recruiting CNA’s by improving the overall jobs quality for CNA’s and by recruiting other people to become a CNA to help take care of the Aging America.

The workplace should improve a safe work environment so we can provide the quality and quantity of care for ourselves and our residents.  The workplace should recruit CNA’s whom have 10-40 years of experience in a role as Lead Aide or Lead Tech whom could help educate and train other CNA’s.

The workplace should improve a better staffing mechanism so our residents would have the best quality of care in their workplace. If the workplace improves staffing it will open up more doors to improve recruitment for CNA’s.

The staffing ratios need to be changed in every state.
Here is an example: Long Term Care ratio should be:
Day and Evening shift one aide per ten residents
Night shift one side per fifteen residents
Assistant Living Facility ratio twelve hours shift
Days and Nights one Aide per twenty residents
Hospice and Home health ratio one Aide per twelve or fifteen residents

CNA’s should work together to ensure the proper care for the residents. The workplace should increase CNA’s wage and benefits.

CNA’s need to be properly trained on how to work and take care of residents with different behaviors such as Cognitive and Behavioral Disorders, End of Life Stages, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and also educated in catheters care, colostomy care, how to use different lift equipment, hydration, feeding, skincare, and cultural ethnicity for our residents. The workplace should provide these training and education every quarter to ensure the proper care for our residents.

CNA’s should be educated and train on how to follow protocol, how to read and understand residents care plan, report any changing about the residents, documentation, how to chart intake and output, and vital signs.

CNA’s should be trained and educated about OSHA, HIPPA, PHI, and know that we don’t discuss any personal information pertaining about our residents outside of the workplace.

We are Caring Nurturing Advocacy (CNA).