CNA’s help maintain care in some of the nation’s most difficult environments. During the COVID 19 crisis, CNA’s were deemed as having the most dangerous in America. We should celebrate these men and women who are professionals and whose commitment to amazing, compassionate, life changing work should not go unnoticed or unrecognized.
These are a few ways a center can say thank you……
1. Display photos of CNAs “caught you caring” “caring in action” around your care community
2. Hold a small ceremony to honor CNA’s on your staff
3. Offer additional resources or educational options to CNA’s to help them expand their career
These are just a few small ways to simply say “thank you”. This past year has shown the work that we do is more valuable than a pizza party thrown together at last minute. CNA’s can make a difference in a loved ones healthcare experience and/or recovery. Let’s appreciate our CNA’s for giving their time and energy to care for others. From this CNA, I want to wish everyone a very Happy CNA week and please know that I appreciate each of you, You are Amazing!!